Life happened

41 days to go until I officially become a Mrs. It’s so exciting yet quite bittersweet. I was never really the girl with her wedding planned out since she was in her teens. I’ve always imagined I’d have a very intimate wedding somewhere along the desserts of Morocco and just send my friends and family a postcard! (Must have been all the movies I’ve been watching when I was young.)

I think I’ll miss all the wedding planning even if it didn’t go as smoothly as I wanted to it be. Many mishaps happened along the way – having to change our wedding coordinator a few days before our engagement because of a death, a mediocre set-up by our event stylist and other petty things which could’ve been avoided had we had a more thorough and hands-on coordinator. Despite that though, everything is falling into place as it should. I’m so grateful to have such a patient and hands-on partner by my side. I’m most excited about the fact that I’ll be spending everyday with the loml and of course all the travelling we (finally!!) will be doing this year to cities I haven’t been too but have been itching to see. Can’t wait!



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