My Little Love

There is a saying that the cure for anything is salt water, sweat, tears or the sea. I haven’t been my best self lately so the timing was perfect when my dad’s side of the family decided to visit Panglao Island, Bohol for our annual family get-together. When most of Manila was partying away at Laboracay, I was enjoying some me and family time in what I consider as my second home. No matter how many times I come back, the island never tires me. Sometimes I think I meant to live the island life, then again, maybe not.

The whole weekend was spent mostly lounging around the poolside, strolling along Alona beach, eating and more eating. We were blessed with a good amount of sunshine to keep the blues away. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to have a massage at the Sea Tree Spa because I chose to laze around in my bed, not a bad alternative I would say.


My favorite spot

I opted not to take any countryside and island hopping tours on this trip and just enjoy Amorita Resort. However, I would definitely recommend taking a trip to Balicasag Island and Virgin Island for the sun chasers and water lovers. Balicasag Island is home to a rich marine life – my cousin even spotted some sea turtles with her kids! while the Virgin Island is a strip of fine white sand appearing during low tide. Lay down your beach towel, turn on your speakers and just enjoy.

These photos are a collection of the past few trips I have taken to this lovely island. I hope you enjoy! If you want to know more about Bohol and what to do there, leave a comment below 🙂


The infinity pool at Amorita Resort where I enjoyed gorgeous views of Alona Beach and the Bohol Sea ❤


One of the many pocket gardens in Amorita Resort

Sending everyone some positivity and sunshine from the Philippines!


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