Osaka, Japan Part 2 Food Edition


Dotomburi is a shopping and food district. You’ll find high fashion brands such as Zara, Uniqulo & H&M here as well as a few Japanese stores. There are many restaurant to choose from – street food, Japanese fast food chains and if you walk further more traditional restaurant which I usually require prior reservations. There was one night we had a very difficult time finding a place to eat because all the restaurants were packed! We ended up walking unknowingly to the Namba area and ending up at Sizzling Pepper Steak. For a fast food chain though, it wasn’t bad at all!

The place really comes alive at night. The Dotomburi bridge is where you’ll spot the famous Glico man. I would suggest to go to the outer street with lesser people to get a nice photo. It’s farther but at least you’ll have that place to yourself-mostly.


My mom was craving for some good old sukiyaki during our trip so I enlisted the help of the concierge to recommend a good restaurant and he did not fail us. Hajuki is located in Dotomburi and is a traditional Japanese restaurant. Most of the patrons (except for us) were Japanese. We were led into a semi private room with tatami mats and you had to sit Japanese style. There were options for the kind of beef ranging from 7000 yen to 14000 yen (if I remember correctly) per person. It was quite pricey but it was worth it! The meat was delicious, thin, tender, tasty and melts in-your-mouth. Just writing about it makes me miss it right now.


Leave it to the Japanese to turn an ordinary product into something innovative. The instant drip coffee is available in most grocery stores and starbucks –called the origami. It’s a cool product and a unique gift to bring since it’s only available in Japan.



This meal deserves it’s own post because it was DELICIOUS! If you love steak like I do, then make this your splurge meal. It’s hard to have a miss in Japan when it comes to food, but this melt in your mouth steak is just something else. It’s worth every calorie. We dined at Café M – they have 2 branches in the Dotomburi area and usually you have to make advanced reservations. The server shows you the right way to cook the meat, then they serve you fresh wasabi which is delicious in its own right and Japanese garlic rice.



If you see a long line of people it’s probably it. Pablo cheesecake is a famous dessert in Japan. We tried the classic one and the Christmas special (with lots of strawberries-yumm!) and yes we finished both. It was good, not the same as the baked cheesecake. This is more soft, creamy and rich perfect paired with a cup of tea for a midnight snack.


Where we spent our breakfasts eating fresh otoro sushi, tempura and Kobe beef! The Kuromon market is a must visit for me. Don’t expect a fishy and dirty market as I said earlier the Japanese are very clean and it extends to their market. What better way to start your day that with freshly grilled oysters, scallops, salmon and gindara. The highlight though was the kobe beef and otoro sushi which we had more than once. You’ll see fugu being prepared, king crabs, succulent Japanese strawberries and everything in between.



All kinds of sushi you want! Salmon, tuna, unagi it’s all here and all fresh. Yum!


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